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Our Mission

Creating community through outdoor adventures.

OUr Vision

Building a support network and ensuring opportunities to improve quality of life. 


Most are familiar with the TOMS Model. Buy a pair of shoes, and a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need. We have a similar program model. Take a vacation, and funding from your trip will cover the cost of a trip. We want the caregiver and the one they cared for (if possible) to have a free trip to get away with us. Take a trip, give a trip. 

Our goal is to ensure participants have a support network and opportunities to improve their quality of life. The initial program of John and Junes Mission is Hike 2 Heal, which provides wilderness experiences and reprieve from the daily emotional and physical challenges of a diagnosis or caring for a loved one. 

Enjoying a hike, backpacking adventure or a campfire with others on a similar journey will create opportunities for sharing personal stories and building a social support network. These experiences will provide courage and inspiration for their personal journey.  


Discover more about Hike 2 Heal: 

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