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John & June's Mission is inspired by, and dedicated to the memory of our founder's grandparents, John and June Canfield. 


John and June exemplified how to care for others passionately and how to fight against the diseases they battled. These two exemplars of care and concern taught and inspired those who knew them. Their inspirational torch has been passed onto us to create change, help those who need a hand, and explore with those who seek the outdoors for the power of healing.

Our founder, Dan, became John & June's caregiver as they entered the final adventure of their life. When they passed away within months of each other, Dan spent the next year hiking and exploring 33 countries, which helped him to heal and process his grandparents' passing. The experience led Dan to re-discover his life's mission of helping others connect and begin healing through wilderness therapy.  

Founded in 2018 as a charitable non-profit, John & Junes Mission, Inc. was started to strengthen and empower caregivers by providing a respite from their burdens and opportunities for personal growth through wilderness experiences. 


With the support of resources from our community partners, Hike 2 Heal provides a wilderness respite for people who selflessly provide care and is offered at no cost to participants


If you know a caregiver who could use respite care, please give them this application them. If you would like to help support a caregiver, please contact us today, or you can donate here

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