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John & Junes Mission is inspired by, and dedicated to the memory of John and June Canfield.

John and June exemplified how to passionately care for others and how to fight against the diseases they battled. These two individuals were the grandparents to the founder, as well as teachers and inspiration to all that knew them. Their inspirational torch has been passed onto us to create change, help those who need a hand, and to explore with those who seek the outdoors for the power of healing.














When they passed, just months apart, the founder re-discovered his life's mission of helping others on a similar journey, through a year of hiking and exploration, across 33 countries. This experience fueled the desire to help connect others to wilderness therapy by creating a program free of charge for those who selflessly give care. Take a trip, give a trip model where the funds from those who pay to go on the backpacking trip with us, a portion of their trip proceeds will cover the cost for a caregiver and the one they have cared for, if possible. 

John & Junes Mission, Inc. was founded in January 2018 as a charitable, nonprofit organization empowering survivors and caregivers by reducing burdens and providing opportunities for personal growth through wilderness experiences and community resource partnerships.


Founder & Caregiver. 

Vice President 

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Dan Canfield

Kelly Means

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