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Empowerment Through Hiking


Hike 2 Heal  provides evening and weekend respite services through late afternoon or evening hikes, guided backpacking trips (all levels and experience welcome) and other outdoor events to enrich quality of life.

This programming allows caregivers & survivors to experience the spiritual, emotional and physical benefits that nature provides, as well as an opportunity to share experiences with others on a similar journey. Sometimes a break outdoors is all that is needed to inspire your own strength from within.



New Respite Program for caregivers: Our respite program, funded by the Idaho Commission on Aging (ICOA), provides short-term relief from the physical, emotional, and daily demands of caring to attend Hike 2 Heal activities free of charge. Services that can be paid for through the respite program include: 

  • Facility Overnight Stay - short-term stay in a facility to provide a break from      caregiving to attend overnight wilderness experiences. 

  • In Home Care - Services may include personal care, companionship and homemaking duties to attend overnight wilderness experiences, day or afternoon hikes. 


Please complete and return the entire application, making sure that all sections of the application are filled out prior to submission. Approval of respite is dependent upon available funding. To download respite services voucher program application, click on the PDF icon here: 


To find out more, please contact us.

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