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Our Respite Voucher Program

Taking a break from caregiving, or seeking respite care, can help ease the burden of caregiving, relieve stress, restore your energy, and even alleviate caregiver burnout. 

Our respite vouchers cover the costs of short-term relief for caregivers so that they can attend Hike 2 Heal activities.  

Services that can be paid for through our voucher program include:

Facility Overnight Stay:

This covers the cost for a short-term stay in an overnight facility so caregivers can attend overnight trips. 

In-Home Care:

Covers services like personal care, companionship, and homemaking duties to attend overnight trips, and day or afternoon hikes.


Interested in Applying?

Please review the Respite Application Packet for more information. 

To download an application, click on the button below:

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